About Us

Passion is what Luca has always had for Christmas and its magic, intuition was what he prompted him to abandon an already established Company to found another one rich of poetry, between fine decoration, glass blowing, carillons, exclusive items ever seen in Italy and in Europe, where with tenacity, skill and a keen sense of taste has achieved enviable.

Let’s talk about Ludell – a project that collects in the name the initials of its creator – which offers a fine selection of items for adorning the Christmas tree, decorating the house and every environment you want to make it special, unique for every important occasion, full of charm and atmosphere that are able to convey big emotions, the same emotions that Luca Dell’Innocenti lives in seeking to collect and propose; emotions to live every day in the magic of the holiday.

To make every holiday special.

Talking about strengths is not easy, how can we forget the blown glass, representing the largest collection available in Italy with over 1000 different subjects, a great variety, a unique assortment, a collection of objects made by hand by European master craftsmen considered the best in the world.

A range of realizations designed for exclusive Ludell projects.

All this allowed even large collaborations with top international Companies, here Ludell is the official distributor for Europe of musical gifts, the well known Mr. Christmas and San Francisco Music Box “carillons” – that according to a recent market survey that assesses the variety, originality and quality, they are the best and most sold in the world – certified limited edition collectibles items in addition to beautiful and original Santa Claus by Possible Dreams, villages, indoor and outdoor decorations, objects and shapes suitable for all celebrations, holiday jewels, accessories (hooks, stands, garlands, candle accessories, trees…) original and refined that form the right contour as described, always respecting Ludell canons.

Approaching Ludell at Christmas time, and not only that, can be considered a good starting point to appreciate the beauty and begin to explore your emotions, transcending the boundaries between imagination and reality by being guided by the pleasure of observation, by the taste of touch, and let yourself inebriate from melodious, melancholic, gleeful sounds.

The showroom in our head office in Viareggio or our setting-up during fair exhibitions are ready to make people live these emotions.

If noticing a beautiful showcase, where we dwell with our glance in front of a decorated tree, if inside a blown glass or a decoration we get involved and we start to dream, we are ready to share Ludell philosophy.