Christmas, Art and Mode: meeting of three passions.
The same still alive in Luca Dell’Innocenti, founder of Ludell, who combined them in a precious, sought-after and exclusive collection: Christmas Couture.
Ideas and drawings take life, searching what is more appropriate in our beautiful land. Everything must be sublime.
Sculptures are entrusted to the artist Luca Bertozzi, one of the most talented and promising sculptors from Viareggio, appreciated and known for his realisations of Viareggio Carnival, creator of the Pinocchio sculpture shown at Expo 2015 and of other set constructions, who skilfully models the body, the many face expressions, the hands, the shoes… almost reaching perfection.
Suits are sewed by skilful hands in the internal tailoring, under the creator’s maniacal direction, joining wisely precious and refined fabrics, eco-furs, intricate manufacturings, embroideries, crowns, decorations and couture details.
Nothing is left to chance; everything is held together by the enthusiasm of realising exciting Santa Claus figures, that are completely ideated and created in Italy, precisely in Tuscany, from Tuscan artists. In addition, every collection is set and portrayed right in Tuscany where, between art and nature, the locations choice has no borders. Each figure is different, unique, because it is entirely created by hand in a traditional way.
Each year will be proposed, along with new limited edition figures, some glass ornaments mouth-blown, still drawn by Ludell, painted and decorated by hand by Polish master craftsmen, the very best for faithful reproductions in miniature.
To arouse emotions and express joy, to furnish and decorate any location with absolute authenticity, Christmas Couture is addressed to true lovers, collectors, for who researches magic and beauty… for who wants something more.

Deck the Halls

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A suit that, with its colors, textiles and volume take us back to a bygone age, giving to Santa Claus a fairy look.
The jacket is made of three enormous plum-colored ecologic astrakhan stoles, rounded in velvet of the same color. They smoothly go down to the feet, then they return upwards where they form the voluminous neck. The imposing sleeves go round the wrists into two antiqued metal crowns.
From the two big lateral plackets, it is possible to see cyclamen velvet pants, made up of ten stripes held by a crinoline structure and quilted with plum-colored Duchesse satin, bulky up to the knee, then tight at the hight of the ankle. Upon those, there is an elegant crinkle purple taffeta jerkin with vertical quilts, fastened onto the wrists with a harmonious gold tangle.
The headgear is made up of a succession of Duchesse satin quilted velvet petals, softly laid down into a crown of antiqued metal stars.
The polished slippers, covered with the same ecologic astrakhan of the suit, and the delicate mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, give to this suit an enchanted look.

The First Noel

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

The Sacredness of Christmas is celebrated with this cerulean suit.
The blue-steel velvet jacket, with decors carved in Prussian blue eco-fur, presents an elaborate eco-fur quilted rising neck. The peculiarity of this suit is the reversible jacket: on the other side, there is arras representing the birth of Jesus.
The shirt has an oriental length and is peacock-blue shantung realized, with elegant blue cerulean cuffs. The richness of the crystals embroidery introduces the pants, with box pleats and shantung cuffs of the same colors of the shirt.
The shoes are velvet quilted with the tab decorated with metal stars and crystals.
From the blue eco-fur quilted crystal crown a voluminous and elaborated velvet, shantung and voile headwear emerges, trimmed with silver stars.
The mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, recalls all the colors of the suit and contains a miniature of the Holy Family.

Around the Christmas Tree

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

The precious arabesque damask velvet refined jacket is trimmed with green fur, closed with precious gold and red metal hooks. It is doubled by matching jacquard textile and presents a fur and taffeta five-pointed neck, joined by others metal decorations with red stones.
The pants are realized in a green textured fabric with ochre yellow crystals borders that exalt length.
The green lace vertical striped shirt is alternated with taffeta of the same color and trimmed with ochre yellow crystals. Sleeves are covered with dozens of molded and refined by hand taffeta leaves and end with two lace cuffs.
The elaborate headgear recalls pop-up paper Christmas decorations but is green lace realized that ends upwards with a decorated ornament.
The really elegant lace slippers are trimmed with ochre yellow crystals.
The mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, depicts a Christmas tree that matches the suit details and a gold decorated sphere.

Sleigh Ride

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

The elaborated grey/beige velvet jacket presents a complex manufacturing that gives volume and movement. This suit is cream-white eco-fur trimmed and gives to Santa a magical look, also thanks to the winding neck that crosses behind the head, just upon the nape. A precious metal and mother-of-pearl ex voto heart join the two extremities of the jacket.
The dove gray pants are diamond-shaped. The beige satin shirt with majestic puffed sleeves is closed in the front with a refined molded band of the same textile with hand-made decorations, at the heart of which the “Christmas Couture” logo stands out.
The eighteenth-century shoes are damask covered and refined by antiqued metal buckles and crystals.
At the center of the bronze antiqued metal crown stands out a damask quilted velvet bud, in which there is a precious glass decoration.
The mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, looks like a Christmas tree topper and recalls the shirt thanks to the colors and to the decoration with the “Christmas Couture” logo.

Here Comes Santa Claus

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A more traditional Santa with a long jacket realized from the union of four red damask jacquard disks, quilted in white, long-haired eco-fur, with a big fold on the back, fastened by two jewel-buttons with pearl and red and white crystals, to mold the silhouette and give volume. Inside, it is entirely quilted in golden lace. Sleeves are closed on the back of the suit with the eco-fur border to exalt the lengths, while the imposing neck envelops Santa’s head thanks to his Rococo line.
The red shirt, quilted with golden thread, has sleeves with box pleats and white and gold lace cuffs, narrowed in two golden tassels. On the front, there is a giant three-pointed jabot, white and gold molded and decorated with jewel-buttons.
The tulle pants are decorated with glitters and are coupled with the same damask of the jacket.
The headgear “explodes” into a golden crown with red crystals, glittered tulle slices realized, from which damask tongues come out to form a voluminous torchon. On the tip, there is a white pompom, embellished by jewel-buttons, from which a red tassel stands out.
A pair of antiqued gold boots, with decorated red cuffs and golden lace, and the mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, recalls in the lines the whole suit, completing and refining this special outfit, giving to Santa an imperial look.

Oh Santa!

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

Two elaborate overlapping jackets form the overcoat of this vivacious Santa. The striped cream-white and bordeaux velvet jacket, the external one, is short and flared, golden lamé satin quilted. Sleeves and borders are scalloped and decorated with metal passementerie and iridescent crystals that remember the carousel tent, to which are hung six horses. A big corolla crowns the face.
The other one, a long golden textured fabric tunic, is decorated with metal jewels and crystals and borders are white and gold eco-fur molded; a molded neck enriched by golden tulle remembers baroque decorations of old carousels. The textured fabric pants have a precious bijoux passementerie braid.
The cream-white shirt is realized with three different textiles and boarded with different bordeaux passementerie, sleeves end with bordeaux satin ruches, enriched by golden tulle. To fasten all there is a garish golden jewel and iridescent crystals.
The bordeaux velvet headgear with white, eco-fur borders is placed into a gold metal crown with colorful crystals, lifting up the cloche there is a miniature of a carousel that rotates along with the sound of a carillon.
The shoes are realized with the same textile of the tunic and upon them, a hand-refined horse is portrayed.
The mouth-blown glass scepter, realized and decorated by hand, represents a carousel in miniature with mouth-blown horses scrupulously decorated by hand.

Winter Wonderland

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

This Victorian style suit flaunts a marvellous double black and bordeaux textile overcoat, enriched by clasps and jewel buttons, with a black eco-fur turtleneck. The folds and the cuts of the jacket are tailor-made to highlight the beauty and the quality of the double textile used. Plus than 3 metres (118 inches) of fabric, a 12 metres (472 inches) cord, a 12 metres passementerie and the overcoat refined processing technique contribute to make this object precious.
The argent damas cloth shirt and the presence of sleeves and layer of black and red lace covered of glitters and bordeaux pompons edged makes the suit shining.
The black velvet pants are enriched by two jewel trims.
The Eighteen-century style black shoes have a handmade bordeaux decoration that accurately reproduces the jacket one.
The black and white double damask cloth hat, contained in an imposing crown, is eco-fur realised and holds a precious mouth-blown and hand-painted decoration.

Joy to the World

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

This suit was made for all those who live Christmas as a moment of joy. It owns all the classic colours of the period, but it also has a playful look because of many plush bears which exalt neck, waist and sleeves.
The precious red eco-faux fur jacket is adorned with a belt on which are applied the nice toys that characterise the suit, along with decorations with shiny crystals. On the front the white eco-fur neckline where the Santa “S” stands out.
The satin pants with their vertical box pleats are fixed with crystal jewel buttons.
The refinement of a tulle where argent stars recline, sewn on a white and argent damask cloth with a red quilt, characterise this complex and spirited shirt.
In the middle of an argent crown, embellished by crystals and pearls, there is a red satin hat with lurex vertical box pleats that softly goes down up to the shoulder where a teddy bear sits tenderly on a lily-white snowball adorned with crystals.
The waxed boots with eco-fur quilted reverses put the finishing touches to this suit that contains in it all the joyful essence of Christmas bound up to childhood.

Let it Snow

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A suit that, with his whiteness, conducts us to an enchanted world covered with snow.
The long white damask cloth jacket with broad sleeves with eco-fur edgings bring back the old Medioeval cloaks to mind making Santa Claus the actual “king of Christmas”.
The light textured fabric shirt, with important satin cuffs, is made rich by a sinuous succession of macramé lace that, as a curtain, opens up in two cloths to make space to the shining crystal embroidery. The lily-white inlaid velvet trousers, decorated with string eco-faux fur galloons gently lays down on the elegant waxed slippers.
The white damask cloth domed hat with eco-fur flap refined with pearls and metal decors allows to discern a precious crown rich of ice crystals.

Oh Holy Night

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

Most definitely the most solemn suit of the whole collection.
A double taffeta jacket with damask cloth velvet Renaissance style decors, embroidered with eco-fur and shantung inserts with soft cuts and edged superimpositions with ancient gold passementerie, that remembers an angel’s wings, clothe Santa Claus, closing on one side with an antiqued metal decoration.
The damask cloth shirt, patterned velvet hemmed, decorated in the extremities with two big jewels shaped as a star brings ecclesiastical stoles to mind. The patterned velvet pants, with damask cloth cuffs, elegantly goes down to the precious slippers gold leaves covered.
But it would not be Christmas without Jesus’ birth, sure enough it is sufficient to raise the solemn mitre with a star on it and quilted inside the angel’s wings to see a hand-painted Nativity; a true crib diorama contained in a 10 centimetres (3,9 inches) crown, decorated with colourful stones. A magisterial miniature that makes this Santa Claus version extremely astonishing.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A classic taste Santa cannot fail.
The versicoloured red velvet jacket, with shawl collar white eco-fur boarded and red tulle with gold stars lined, is tightly about his waist with a black suede belt, front fixed by a gold buckle finely chiseled.
The velvet pants end under the knee with a rich eco-fur border and they take in into two black boots with polished red reverses.
Without the jacket it is possible to see a dashing gold damask cloth gilet, front closed by jewel buttons enriched by red crystals: from here, a Renaissance style cream shirt appears.
On the head the classic red eco-fur hat with a white pompom that softly descends over the scapulas.
This Santa Claus model always carries with him his eyeglasses that can be put on when he needs to check if your name is in the Naughty List or in the Nice List…

Blue Christmas

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

The brightness of the most enchanting night of the year in one suit… a long night blue velvet jacket with blue eco-fur edgings and jewel trimming, with argent stars studded with crystals. The star shaped neck is velvet and eco-fur realised, with five blue taffeta points that makes it elegant.
When the jacket is open, here it comes the surprise… just like the light of the stars was suddenly released, from the snow-white velvet quilted overcoat appears a shantung realised dazzling white shirt, with box pleats assembled together by shiny jewel buttons. The tulle sleeves covered by argent stars end with white shantung cuffs, closed with a refined ribbon.
The slim cut optical white pants are really classy.
To support the figure of Santa Claus there are two beautiful polished shoes.
The blue taffeta and velvet hat shows up in the middle of a crown, decorated with bright white crystals, and gets noticed thanks to the long “star points” getting high skyward.

Christmas Couture Glass

Ludell loves and celebrate Christmas in all its forms.
From this need Christmas Couture Glass is born, a sofisticated line of glass decors, including close reproductions of Christmas Couture figures.

Everything is treated very carefully.
Proportions, textiles waves and colours, facial expressions, accessories… anything is meticulously reproduced by Polish artisans in wonderful mouth-blown ornaments entirely decorated by hand, everything under our maniacal supervision: from the sculpture and the coloration to the decoration.

Precious masterpieces that enrich any location during holidays to collect and take care of.

Jingle Bells

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

What is unique about this dress is the overlaid coat decomposable into two pieces and singularly usable. The long, which almost reminds a dressing gown, made of taffeta/double red and black velvet, with ecologic fur trims and the short, realized in red velvet with neck and hems in white fur coat and lined in bright tulle.
White organza shirt with jabot that appears from a candid gilet in velvet kept closed by brass bells in a playful way.
Waxed boots with a dark red fold and hat that summarizes the entire length through the employing of different fabrics used in the production of coats, decorated with bells and large white tassel. A suit that lets you show off more than an outfit to please even the most discerning clientele.

Oh Christmas Tree

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

Who hasn’t get excited at least once in front of a tree with leaves decorated to the nines? That sparkle of lights and colors inspired this suit. A robe woven like a tapestry leads immediately to some childhood memories, a reminiscence lighted from lurex with which it was created. Velvet, faux fur and jewel buttons go to further embellish the elegant overcoat lined in iridescent green
Golden decorations on a green background adorn a precious pair of trousers.
Green shirt with jabot and gold colored cuffs that recall the tree decorations.
To adorn the whole thing a sparkling ribbon, a golden garland that beads gracefully with the shirt. In the head, as is a tip on a Christmas fir, a hat in damask and velvet, and a pair of wax polished boots with green lapels supports all.
A worthy homage to a Christmas symbol spread throughout the world.

White Christmas

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A cloak of classical oriental inspiration in inlaid velvet, embellished with a rich, ecru faux fur lining that becomes edging, finished by a pale trimming that lets you see a pair of pants with lateral stovepipe and a waistcoat with decorative cuts and embellished by jewel buttons.
Organza shirt decorated with ice-colored glitter, which refers to the snowfalls of the northern countries.
The headdress in style and the black eighteenth-century shoes make the right completion to this little artwork.

Nutcracker Suite

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

For lovers of theatre and traditions. A sumptuous gown devoted to the theatrical work typical of Christmas: The Nutcracker of Tchaikovsky.
The blue velvet overcoat with gilded fringes and blue/gold brocades resembles the drapes of the stage and the theatrical boxes.
Let’s start the show by picking up the side flaps with cords and tassels: here is that the curtain opens and in front of our eyes a stunning 3d scene of the famous ballet is displayed.
Shimmering blue taffeta shirt and organza waistcoat with velvet decors, all made more luminous by the golden trimming.
Blue/gold brocade trousers, black glossy eighteenth-century shoes and blue velvet and gold-laminated Russian style headdress, complemented by a decorative glass egg.
“Let the dances start, ladies and gentlemen! Make yourself comfortable and start dreaming…”

Feliz Navidad

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

It could not miss a more classical version, for all the typical iconography of Santa Claus lovers.
India red-colored tunic with ecologic white faux fur edging with shawl collar, narrowed to the waist by a closed faux leather belt with baroque buckle.
Removable cloak in red fabric wefted with gold thread.
Waistcoat and trousers in velvet that bind in a harmonious way to the mantle and the shirt, thanks to the print in seventeenth century style, joining in a waterfall of golden curls that seem to announce the arrival of Christmas.
On the head a huge red hat, edged with ecological white faux fur, completes the dress, making it original also thanks to its white bell that replaces the classic pom pom.
The wax-polished boots with dark red lapels support all.
A version of Santa Claus that thanks to its classicism can be loved by people of every ages.

Silent Night

H. Cm. 95
Limited Edition pcs 099

A dress with a strong liturgical inspiration, composed of headgear and garments made of pale gold colored brocade with collar and borders embellished by the cream faux fur coat.
On the back a big stovepipe held closed by brilliant jewel hooks conceals a refined painting portraying the nativity of Jesus.
Under the guise we can admire the broad trousers in yellow gold velvet with lapel printed cashmere gold that go to close in a pair of wax polished boots.
Organza shirt with gilded decorations and lined in taffeta, that checks out the elegant velvet waistcoat with prints to the pant decor, edged with gold trimmings.
A masterpiece of meticulous tailoring that leaves without words who is in front of his magic.


Villa Bernardini – Vicopelago (Lucca)

Teatro Alfieri, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Lucca)


Alessandro Pietrazzini